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An artist with an interest for dead things and pretty things.


I had a tea party with Ophelia. She wanted to tip over the sugar jar. The bow is nice.

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Rottweiler Underbite


Rottweiler Underbite

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Illustrator & Artist:

Donald T. McCullough

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Are you on fire?
I'll be fine.
Are you on fire?
I'll be fine.

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well i put up my first society6 product, so check it out if you want to buy this as a print or a shirt or like a mug or something:


i just thought it’d be a fun way to make a little bit of extra cash and provide people with physical copies of my art if they want them!

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Color palette tutorial time!

This is by no means the Only Way To Pick Colors—it’s just a relatively-simple method I use sometimes.  I’ve found it works pretty well, almost regardless of what colors you pick—as long as you can keep them organized by those light/dark warm/cool categories, and make sure one category takes up a significantly higher proportion of page space, it usually turns out pretty good!

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